Servicing Trees

Believe it or not, there is quiet a need for roofers in Wilmington NC because of all the trees.  Many believe that it is because of this recent year of bad weather.  The bad weather of the past year has caused a lot of trees to fall down as well as many branches to break.  This causing a workload too big to handle on top of the tree service that has to be performed daily.

Wilmington, NC is a beautiful area, one of the things that makes it so beautiful are all the old trees that the city has managed to maintain over the years.  Without the destruction of trees caused by recent storms the servicing of trees is something that takes a lot of time to do. The storms damage has just doubled that amount of work.

No one I believe thinks that the city is neglecting the service of trees on purpose.  It is simply that the workload has become overwhelming!


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